The  article  is  devoted  to  the  performance  restoration  technology  development of the aluminum radiator of tractor «John Deer 7830».

The distinctive feature of the suggested technology is cold gas spraying application, which provides air tightness restoration of the radiator made of  thin‐walled  aluminum  parts  and  having  complicated  form  that  causes  troubles to technological operation fulfilment.

The carried out experimental investigations resulted in determining rational  technological  parameters  of  gas  dynamic  spraying:  nozzle  angle  of  the  facility  and  the distance from the nozzle exit to the  spraying  surface,  providing optimal mechanical characteristics of the repair coating.

Y. A. Kuznetsov, V. V. Goncharenko, L. V. Kalashnikova, S. V. Strebkov, A. P. Slobodyuk, A. V. Bondarev