By using the method of finite elements and starting with the possibilities given by the program system ANSYS in the field of application, research has been performed regarding the analysis of static behavior of a centrifugal pump shaft.

The computational analysis of static behavior of shaft using the method of finite elements on the examined model during the phase of projecting, was aiming for a timely sighting of critical spots, in order to avoid possible further malfunction. In this way it is possible to examine validity of the basic solution with no need for making the prototypes. By static behavior analysis, in other words, using the method of finite elements it was shown to which extent can certain conditions of exploitation, created tensions, that is shifted knots, cause difficulties in the whole model performance.

Analysis of the static behavior of shaft was performed for two cases with different load: the effect of radial force and the torsion moment. A special attention was given to modelling of rolling-element bearings and following of their condition in relation to outside influences.

Aleksandar Ašonja, Eleonora Desnica, Ivan Palinkaš